Medical Services:
-Physical Exams
-Sick Cow Therapy
-Fecal Floats
-Foot Trimming
-Rumen Taps
-Calf Passive Transfer Monitoring

Reproductive Services:
-Reproductive Palpation
-Obstetrical Procedures
-Prolapse Correction
-Uterine Infusion
-Bull Breeding Soundness Exams

Surgical Services:
-Dislapced Abomasum (DA) Correction
-Ceasarean Section (C-Section)
-Eye Removal (Enucleation)
-Jumper "Gomer" Bull Surgieries
-Laceration/Wound Repair

-Reproductive Protocol Design
-Milking Equipment Analysis
-Facility/New Barn Design
-Transition Cow Management
-Johnes RAMP Consultation
-Milking Prep and Procedures
-Disease Treatment Protocol Design
-Barn Ventilation, Testing, and Design

-Tuberculosis (TB) Testing
-Johnes Testing and Classification

-Fluid Therapy
-Emergency Services
-Fracture Repair
-Sample Collection

-Reproductive Ultrasound
    -Fetal Sexing
    -Early Pregnancy -Diagnosis
    -Ovarian Analysis
    -Twin Detection

-Claw Removal
-Teat Surgeries
-Hernia Repair

-Colostrum Management
-Record Analysis (DC305)
-Feed Watch Analysis
   -Individual, Group, Herd
-Vaccination Protocol Design
-Milk Quality
-Cow Comfort

-Health Certificates
   -In State
   -Out of State/Country